• Create trading strategies easily with our 100% visual editor
  • Test them out safely thanks to our simulation bots
  • Automate them on your exchange platforms

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Create your trading strategies with our intuitive and approachable 100% visual editor

Visual building (logo)

Visual building

Make your own strategies by assembling blocks easily

13 indicators (logo)

13 indicators

Use your favorite indicators: Moving Average (MA), Exponential Moving Average (EMA), MACD, Ichimoku, RSI, StochRSI, VWAP, Bollinger Bands, ...

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Test out your strategies without any risk thanks to our simulations based on past or present performance

Backtest Mode (logo)

Backtest Mode

Test out your creations with past data with Backtest simulation bot

Live Mode (logo)

Live Mode

Use your strategies in real time with Live simulation bots

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Deploy your bots in a few clicks on your favorite exchanges

Multiexchanges (logo)


Deploy your bots on Kraken and Binance

Secured funds (logo)

Secured funds

Your cryptocurrencies are safe on the exchange platform

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Your platform is intuitive and extremely well provided in terms of indicators. Even some famous brokers do not offer so many possibilities.

Nicolas B.

Comprehensive, intuitive and effective. Everything I expected from a trading bot.

Nicolas C.

Well done. [...] I really like the different templates, they allow me to learn how to use different indicators (MACD, Ichimoku...).

Sylvain M.