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Botcrypto is a platform made by independent traders, for independent traders. Our goal is to help you to become a better trader, learn from your trading and improve your results. The big fish don't need to eat the little ones anymore !

They talk about us

Botcrypto won 4 prizes in November 2017 at the Strasbourg Startup Weekend.

Botcrypto won in december 2017 the "Étudiant Entrepreneur Innovant" prize, organized by the SEMIA incubator.

Botcrypto is a project made by "étudiants-entrepreneurs" (student-entrepreneurs).



RTCA (Real Time Cryptocurrencies Arbitrages) by Crossd.io is a web platform that allows you to overview in real-time and exploit the arbitrages opportunities between various exchanges and currencies.
The platform offers a step-by-step guide and many features to generate a significant profit by manipulating your wallet of cryptocurrencies.


Constantin De La Roche

Cofounder, CEO.
Engineering degree from Télécom Physique Strasbourg.

Théo Poizat

Cofounder, developer.
Student in computer science at the University of Strasbourg.

Nicolas Sutter

Student in computer science at the University of Strasbourg.

Mehdi Boussaad

Graphic designer.
EPSAA Paris degree.

Louis Dormegnie

Samuel Pelsy-Mozimann


Julien Hartmann

IT advisor.
Engineering degree of ESIEE Paris. 14 years as consultant in IT architecture and software development.

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Legal notices